Volleyball Registration
Due to the weather and not being able to have the courts completed by May 4th, The Season will officially start May 11th!!
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IMPORTANT... if you want your spot for 2014 season and your a team played last season, the $390.00 must be paid by February 28th. Please state your previous team name and captains name on the registration form. Be clear on your team name because NO TEAM NAME CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER MARCH 31st.  If possible, returning teams from the previous season may be able to switch nights or levels of play by talking to Kevin Steiner. Please write what night and level you want to move to on your Volleyball Sign Up Sheet (failure to do so, may result in your team being unable to move)

All 5:30pm Co-ed Rec is available at anytime during sign-ups starting Feb 1st. Cost is $195.00 per team for 8 weeks, we will run 2 "8" week sessions

Teams that want to move nights or levels:
Those requests will be gone over on Feb 28th.  Moves will be based upon date and time signed up (Example- Team A and Team B both want to move to Wed Rec, Team A pays on Feb 1st at 10:00am, Team B pays on Feb 1st at 11:30am, Team A would get the spot)
Please contact Kevin Steiner with questions 612-695-1308